50,000 lightning strikes in Greece in less than 24 hours

About 50,000 lightning flashes were recorded in Greece in less than 24 hours as powerful thunderstorms hit much of the eastern part of continental Greece and the Aegean islands on Wednesday, August 24, 2022.

According to data published by the National Observatory of Athens and its meteorological service the highest rainfall of 102 mm was recorded at Kavontoro station.

In Attica, the highest level was recorded in Agios Stefanos in the north – 63 mm.

At the same time, the Zeus lightning tracking system recorded 48,845 lightning strikes over Greece by 5 p.m. Wednesday.


Significant precipitation is marked in orange, the possibility of hail is marked in yellow.


On Thursday, August 25, strong downpours and storms hit Attica for the fourth day in a row.

According to the dense network of automatic weather stations of the National Observatory of Athens/meteo.gr, the highest amount of precipitation in Attica was 41 mm and was recorded at the meteorological station in Haidari, and the second most precipitation was recorded at the meteorological station in Imittos-Dafni and was equal to 30mm. The specific duration of the rain was recorded for almost an hour, while over a wider area, the Zeus lightning registration system recorded more than 700 lightning strikes. These two rain peaks in Attica can be seen in the following video captured by the cameras of the National Observatory of Athens/meteo.gr in Penteli.

Forecast for the next few days from windy

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