"amateur cinema" from ladies with low social responsibility is in demand

Recently there has been an explosion in registrations on amateur porn platforms such as Onlyfans, which have become especially popular in Greece.

According to in.gr, more and more of the most ordinary women “living in the neighborhood” decide to seek additional income by selling “adult material” to subscribers. On the platform, they are ready to share “spicy” photos and videos for money.

The variety of services that can be found ranges from Live performances to sex shown on the Internet. Especially the last one pays well…

economic freedom

The economic situation, which greatly reduced wages, and then the quarantine, which deprived countless jobs, drove all the inhabitants of Greece into a financial dead end.

A “dubious” platform from a moral point of view, which nevertheless won countless fans, has become an opportunity for young and even old Greek women to earn a decent income by posting provocative materials among subscribers who are ready to “fork out” to look at “at least one eye on a neighbor” (an ordinary woman, not a perfect pornstar doll).

“In a few days I received as much as in a month”

The case of a Greek woman who opened an account on Onlyfans is typical. On her page, in addition to nude photos and “fun” with sex toys, she uploads “special” porn for her subscribers – a threesome video with two men, lesbian sex and more.

One of the many content creators on Onlyfans, a 26-year-old with an admittedly impressive profile and around 200 fans, explained that she came to the platform because her Instagram followers were constantly asking for her and she even had “clients” who paid her for spicy material not only from Greece, but also from countries with large expatriate communities.

In fact, lately, she has been making a living exclusively in this way from her home, although audience numbers fluctuate, as do incomes. As the girl (of low social responsibility) emphasizes, she settled on this choice, as she worked occasionally and did not have a stable income.

“For a few days in the midst of quarantine, I managed to make good money. It was also the motivation to continue, and as long as it sells, I will do it, ”she emphasizes.

“The Women Next Door”

However, the so-called “neighbourhood” women are becoming more and more in demand. ordinary girls who gain popularity with their amateur presentation of material, shyness and imperfections. Those that have nothing to do with “artificial” professionals.

Finally, there are now quite a few Greek couples who offer videos of their daily sexual activity to their subscribers, finding that the amateur videos they have uploaded to famous porn sites have become a hit!

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