‘Damn’ selfie: Fell off a cliff while trying to grab a dropped phone

The trip to the mountains for a photo shoot for a young Italian ended in tragedy.

The guy just a few minutes after posing on his mobile fell into the abyss, trying to pick up his mobile phone, which slipped out of his hand.

A photo of 30-year-old Andrea Magzetto with his girlfriend Sarah Bragante on Mount Altar Knotto, near the town of Rozzo in northern Italy, was the latest…

The couple made the ascent and decided to take pictures against the backdrop of the breathtaking landscape that opens up behind them. Capturing incomparable beauty, the mobile phone somehow fell out of the man’s hands onto the rocky “balcony”. As a result, he, trying to reach the gadget, fell from a height of 200 meters. Rescuers arrived at the scene by helicopter, but pronounced the man dead.

After the fall, Sarah Bragante, a friend of the tragically deceased boyfriend, posted the last photo on Instagram, writing: “Damn selfie. You will always be with me, my teddy bear.”

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