German family in Crete harassed by locals (video)

A German family suffered a real horror in Mylopotamos, Crete, when their car was chased by two locals in a car, who considered it an “insult” that their car was overtaken by “some tourists”.

The tourists, a father and his three children aged 20-27, were not only harassed and their car damaged, but also beaten at knifepoint. The perpetrators were reportedly two local breeders and their friends.

The unprecedented incident took place in Mylopotamos near Rethymno on the morning of Friday, August 19, 2022. Tourists avoided more serious problems, as other local residents intervened in the conflict and helped them get out of the area where the “wild mountaineers” lived.

According to the state broadcaster ERT, a German family was driving along the road of the village of Perama past Mylopotamos when their car overtook a truck carrying local farmers. “Apparently due to the fact that the locals considered it an insult that they were overtaken by a rented car with “foreigners”, they deliberately increased their speed and crashed into the car.” They did this again and again, and the chase continued for some time at a distance of 2 kilometers.

According to the message ERT , at some point, the truck stopped next to the car with tourists, and when the driver opened the door, the farmer began to beat on the window with his fist. At first the young man was shocked, and then he tried to defend himself, and his brother got out of the car and hit the angry farmer to protect his brother. The situation got out of control when a passenger of the truck got out of the car, holding a knife with a 20-centimeter blade in his hand.

Frightened tourists tried to move away. The two breeders, however, continued to chase them and “drive” the rented car at a distance of two kilometers, that is, to the crowded center of Peram at that time.

The driver of a rural car was in front of a rented vehicle and literally drove his truck backwards into a stopped car with a family in a state of absolute horror at the immediate danger to their lives.

Eventually the people of Perama intervened and helped the German family leave the area. The two criminals fled. According to local media, they were identified as two males aged 36 and 38. However, they have not been arrested so far.

Police reportedly have footage of the hectic chase showing the driver’s desperate desire to escape his pursuers and protect his family. The German family filed a lawsuit with the local police department and also sent a video of the damaged car to

“In order to consider Crete a safe place, I expect the perpetrators to be immediately arrested and charged with attempted murder,” one of the victims, Chris, told ERT on Sunday. The young man said that it was all “very scary!”

ERT and other local media talk about “an incredible and shameful case for Crete and Greece.” In a Greek-language tweet, local resident Mylopotamos accuses local authorities, police and justice of tolerating “criminal behavior” on the island of Crete.

“The first and main victims of the criminal behavior of a small minority of Cretans are the Cretans themselves. The authorities tolerate this behavior all the time. The police and the judges.”

“There are many examples where drug dealers, murderers and other criminals have been acquitted, thanks to the intervention of political rulers. The common people, all of us, the rest of the Cretans, have nowhere to turn,” he notes.

The theme ends with the words: “Do not measure all Cretans with one measure. The vast majority of us are a calm and hospitable people, and it is no coincidence that many, Greeks and foreigners, choose the island to live here.

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