Stealing phones from vacationers while they were at sea

During the rest of the citizens on the beach, due to the hot weather splashing in the sea for a long time, the dodger cleaned their bags in order to enrich themselves.

A similar incident happened to two Dutchmen who visited the Greek island of Kos. However, they were lucky, the criminal was arrested, and the stolen property was returned.

In particular, a 30-year-old foreigner from South Africa stole mobile phones from two Dutch bathers on the beach of the Greek island of Kos. According to the police report, he was detained last Saturday, August 13, by local law enforcement officers. The defendant took the mobile phones of two Dutchmen while they were swimming in the sea. The stolen items were found and returned, and a criminal case was initiated against the arrested foreigner.

How previously wrote “Athenian News”, summer is a time for relaxation, and you have to take the necessary things with you to the beach, including a telephone (in order to urgently call for help if necessary). However, thieves are well aware of this and often take advantage of the fact that things are left unattended. What to do so that you are not robbed on vacation?

Ways you can use while relaxing on the beach to ensure the safety of your belongings.

  1. Place your valuables, including money, phone, etc., in a zippered plastic bag. If you want to swim, discreetly bury the bag, for example, under a deck chair or towel. Of course, you don’t have to bury it very deep. It is enough that he does not lie in plain sight and does not seduce thieves. The criminal usually grabs what is available, because time is important to him.
  2. Bring an empty wet wipes wrapper with you. Place valuables in it so that they are not visible. This hideout is unremarkable. It is unlikely that someone will want to steal hygiene products.
  3. An empty container of lotion or sunscreen (yogurt) has a similar use. You can put money in them, for example, instead of keeping it in a wallet, which will attract the attention of a thief.
  4. If you are traveling with children, you can use clean diapers. Put valuables in there and wrap them so that they are not visible. A diaper certainly won’t seduce a thief. Also, women’s pads (and packaging from them) can be used to store money.
  5. If you came to the beach alone and do not want to leave your things on the shore, a special waterproof bag will help you. You can put all your things in it and feel free to go swimming.

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