Greek surgeon: "COVID-19 vaccines turn children’s tissues into jelly"

The shocking yet well-documented claim that

It should be noted that what she is saying now has previously been told privately by many doctors, at least two pediatric surgeons, who are afraid to speak about it in public.

Greek Pediatric Surgeon’s Shocking Testimony About COVID-19 Vaccines: “They Turn Children’s Tissues Into Jelly”!

What Vasiliki Sulaymanova testifies clearly shows why Denmark last week banned the vaccination of children under 18, a fact that only a few opposition figures in Greece have highlighted. publications.

A pediatric surgeon, among other things, complains that the number of cases of appendicitis has mysteriously increased by 300-400% since vaccination of young children began, but this is not the worst.

The worst thing is aging of baby flesh tissues that change in an incredibly short time and turn into “jelly”, as she said, making even the simplest operation very difficult.

Vasiliki Suleymanova said:

Children with appendicitis are admitted to the emergency department, their number has increased by 300-400%. But what shocked me was what I discovered by accident, opening tissue to get to the appendix. I saw such an altered state of the tissues that I was really shocked. I had complications during the operation, I needed instruments that we do not usually use in pediatric surgery. We had to open another set of adult tools, we had to put in hooks… because the fabrics didn’t stick together. They literally turned into jelly…

We observe a similar picture in adults who have severe chronic diseases, as well as in cancer patients who have undergone multiple chemotherapy and radiation therapy. And then I saw this picture in children.

To tell you the black truth, because vaccinations, every last one, are not my concern as a pediatric surgeon: when I opened and saw this picture, I did not know whether this child was vaccinated or not. At first, it didn’t even occur to me that this could exist, I expected completely different side effects, I expected thrombosis or something else“.

The application is responsible and comes from a competent person. Will the prosecutor investigate it?

The fact that the Swedes canceled the vaccination against Covid-19 in the age group under 18 did not touch anyone in Greece…

In Europe, most countries are preparing to move to similar solutions. How will Greece react?

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