March 26, 2023

Athens News

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In Paliouri (Chalkidiki), passers-by witnessed an impressive natural phenomenon – a waterspout.

The rotating column of water above the sea caused awe in those who saw it. Stunned locals and tourists alike looked on at the strange spectacle that formed in the sea, forcing everyone to raise their cell phones to capture the curious moment.

The main reason for this phenomenon is the large temperature difference between the water surface and the upper atmosphere.


A tornado is an air formation that occurs at the base of a thundercloud. Most often, it is formed as follows: from a thundercloud, towards the earth, a giant black “trunk” extends, funnel-shaped expanding at the base of the cloud and tapering downward. If the “trunk” reaches the surface of the earth, then here it expands again, forming a funnel containing dust, sand or soil if the tornado develops over land, or water if it passes over the water surface.

The resulting vortex, as a rule, has a cyclonic rotation, and at the same time, an upward spiral movement of air is observed. A very low pressure is noted in the center of the tornado, as a result of which it sucks into itself everything that is on the way, and can lift water, soil, individual objects, buildings, sometimes carrying them over considerable distances.

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