May 30, 2023

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Rhodes phishing scammer looted 30,000 euros

Posing as a policeman, an unknown person managed to withdraw 30,000 euros from the account of the owner of a car repair shop in Rhodes and his son.

The victim of phishing was a 62-year-old resident of Rhodes, the owner of a car repair shop in Ialyssos, 7 kilometers southwest of Rhodes. He received a call from an unknown person at noon last Thursday, posing as a police officer.

By signing an agreement with EL.AS. after a tender for the repair of her cars, an unsuspecting man was sure that the person who called him was really an employee of the 1st Dodecanese Police Department, with whom he communicated every time if a police car needed repair, writes The man even himself in the conversation called the name of the policeman, asking again if he was, to which the swindler, of course, answered in the affirmative.

Further events developed rapidly. The perpetrator said that he was ready to transfer money for repairs and asked to provide him with the data. Confident that he was talking to an EL.AS. representative, the man gave him the codes using his mobile phone. The fraudster entered his account and took 15,000 euros – the maximum established transaction limit.

But this seemed not enough to him, and he informed the owner of the workshop that there was a problem – the system did not accept money from him, asking for the details of another account. The man contacted his son, and he provided his codes, after which the fraudster became richer by another 15,000 euros…

The case is being investigated with the assistance of the Office for Combating Money Laundering from Illegal Activities, and the procedure for declassifying messages has been initiated. EL AS. I was alerted by the fact that the fraudster chose the company, posing as a police officer. This leads to the conclusion that he either knew about the maintenance of the police vehicle workshop by observing it, or read on the Internet about the tender and the owner of the enterprise who concluded an agreement with the police.

Reference. Phishing is a type of Internet fraud, the purpose of which is to gain access to confidential user data – logins and passwords.

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