11 people became victims of shooting in Montenegro, six were injured, among the dead and wounded were children

Details of the tragic execution of people in Montenegro, 34-year-old shooter Vuk Borilovich eliminated.

After a family quarrel, he shot at relatives, then at random passers-by. Among the victims are two minors. The incident occurred in the Medovina area, near the Montenegrin city of Cetinje.

As reported by the National Television of Montenegro on the night of August 13, referring to the police, Vuk Borilovic shot dead nine relatives and two passers-by. Law enforcement officials say:

“He killed two children with a hunting rifle – 8 and 11 years old, wounded their mother, who died in the hospital. Then he went outside and fired at other relatives and residents of the village from the same gun, killing seven more people and wounding six” .

Nine victims of inadequacy died on the spot, two died in the hospital, writes RTCG. It is also reported that a police officer was shot in the head. One man was hospitalized with severe head and chest injuries, three patients with serious injuries had to be rushed to the operating room. The shooter was liquidated – according to some sources, this was done by a neighbor, according to others – he died in a shootout with the police.

In connection with the tragic incident, the government of Montenegro will declare a three-day mourning.

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