Adonis Georgiadis: "Behind the wiretapping of Andrulakis is Russia or Turkey"

Greek Investment and Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis, who recently spoke with the New York Times about Russian or Turkish involvement in the wiretapping scandal, believes that SYRIZA, which is fanning the scandal, is playing into the hands of the Kremlin.

“SYRIZA pretends not to understand what I said to the New York Times. Powers like Putin’s Russia or Erdogan’s Turkey would rub their hands in glee if there were political instability in Greece. Does anyone seriously doubt this?

Adonis Georgiadis wrote about this on Twitter.

However, his statement was clear and not open to misinterpretation. “In Putin’s place, I would be very happy if the governments opposed to Russia were destroyed,” he told the American newspaper, continuing to talk about the “dark forces” behind the wiretap. Although he said he did not blame Russia for the hacking, he added that Russia had influenced Greece in the past. “Well, if they’ve done it in the past, why don’t they do it now?” – he said, adding that Turkey “may be behind” all this.

Alexandros Nikolaidis, Deputy Spokesperson for SYRIZA – PS responded to the Minister with a caustic comment. “I don’t want to disappoint you, my minister, but no one understood what you said in The New York Times. Unless you meant what you said verbatim, in which case we are free to cry or laugh.”

Earlier, SYRIZA PS stated that “Today, Adonis Georgiadis is claiming in the international media that the only winner of the scandal is the President of Russia, while also hinting at the Turkish trail. Georgiadis continues the dangerous line drawn by the Prime Minister: he represents the defense of democracy in our country as a struggle that serves foreign interests.”

It is worth noting that earlier, according to the leadership of the Mitsotakis administration, sounded other “customers” of surveillance are Ukraine and Armenia, which caused a sharp reaction from the embassies of these countries.

In particular, Armenian Ambassador to Greece Tigran Mkrtchyan categorically denies any involvement of Yerevan in the case of wiretapping of the President of the Greek opposition party PASOK, MEP Nikos Androulakis. He announced this on his page in the social network. “This is a shameless lie. Armenia has never asked any government to tap anyone’s phones,” Armenian Ambassador Mkrtchyan told the news portal The Ambassador of Ukraine to Greece made a similar statement.

PS The Minister of Investment and Development of Greece, Adonis Georgiadis, should sometimes control his statements and not forget that he is a minister and an official, especially after he recently revealed how safe to dilute gasoline.

However, the entire administration of Mitsotakis suffers from this problem. To put it mildly, unsuccessful, if not worse, statements and statements that come from the lips of the ministers, as well as the prime minister himself, regularly drop the authority of the ruling party and, unfortunately, the authority of Greece in the international arena. Since the pearls that are issued by administration officials are then published by the media around the world under the headings of “funny embarrassment.”

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