Poured acid on ex-wife

A 50-year-old man ambushed his 49-year-old ex-wife and doused her with hydrochloric acid. The victim received severe burns to one eye and was hospitalized.

The attack took place in Messini, in the western Peloponnese, as the victim was on his way to work early Wednesday morning. The offender approached the woman and tried to press a cloth soaked in hydrochloric acid to her face. When he failed (according to the police, he did), he poured a bottle of acid in her face and fled the scene.

Despite the fact that he was wearing a mask, the victim recognized him. Toward evening, the offender visited the woman in the hospital, where he was detained by the police.

The mother-of-four remains hospitalized at Kalamata General Hospital under the close supervision of doctors who are concerned about an eye burn. The next hours are critical to whether she retains her sight, plus she has a massive acid burn to her face.

After being arrested, the man told police that he had bought the liquid from a supermarket. The substance was identified as hydrochloric acid. The couple broke up seven years ago, but the man pressured the victim to get back together, according to local media. The perpetrator claimed that his ex-wife had financial problems, and he was furious because of her debts.

This is the second case violence against women in Greece in one day and the fourth since Sunday. On the island Ithaca 32-year-old man arrested for beating his 27-year-old girlfriend. The incident took place in a park on the island on Wednesday morning. The victim’s scream was heard by the Coast Guard. At first, she denied any violent incident, but the guards insisted and took her to a medical center, where doctors found several bruises on the victim’s body. According to state broadcaster ERT, the man admitted to abusing his partner, saying that “hitting women is normal.”

The day before, on Sunday, at Volos 34 year old man threatened to kill screwdriver to his 26-year-old partner. The victim escaped the attack and filed a complaint against him at the police station. The man was arrested, sentenced to 14 months probation and released two days later. The victim, frightened for her life because the man had a history of violence, appealed to the authorities to ensure her protection. However, the intervention of the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs offered the victim a safe haven in a structure for abused women. The victim is the mother of a small child. The man claimed that he accidentally held a screwdriver in his hands to fix things in the house when the situation got out of control.

Monday at Thessaloniki 37-summer man beat his ex-partner who was 5 months pregnant. The man is arrested.

domestic violence and killing women current or former partners have turned into a real pandemic, becoming a serious social problem for Greece over the past two and a half years.

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