March 24, 2023

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France: battle to put out huge fire – 10,000 people fled their homes

Wildfires have devastated the Gironde region, near Bordeaux in southwestern France, this week, destroying homes and forcing the evacuation of 10,000 residents, some of whom climbed onto rooftops as the blaze approached their homes.

France is battling to put out a “monstrous” fire in the Latira region near Bordeaux, one of the largest and most famous wine regions, Gregory Allion of the French fire service FNSPF said today. “I would call the fire in Ladir a mega fire,” he told radio station RTL. “This is a monster,” he added.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Born and Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin are expected to travel to the Gironde today to demonstrate the mobilization of the authorities during the summer holidays.

The minister said he suspects it was arson – between 8 and 9 am Wednesday, eight fires broke out in the immediate vicinity.

“Residents are worried but disciplined. However, too much fatigue is enough,” Vincent Isard, the mayor of Musti, told AFP, 250 of whose 680 residents were evacuated to the neighboring land department.

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