China: Tourists trapped in resort by COVID-19

The Chinese authorities have decided to close the beach resort, literally locking up 80,000 tourists in hotels.

All the fault of 259 new cases of coronavirus in the southern Chinese province of Hainan. The tourists who were there were in an extremely difficult situation due to the restrictions associated with the pandemic, writes A.P.

On Saturday, the beach resort city of Sanya was declared a COVID-19 hotspot and quarantined. To leave Sanya, tourists must test five PCR tests negative for the coronavirus within seven days.

On Monday, China reported 324 new infections and 483 asymptomatic cases, which are reported separately. The PRC is confidently adhering to the “zero covid” policy, despite the fact that the measures taken cause economic and social costs. The authorities are convinced that it is this approach that has made it possible to keep the level of hospitalization and mortality much lower than in other countries.

In Greece, the head of ΕΙΝΑΠ, Matina Pagoni, said that all people over 60 should not wait for autumn – fourth vaccination Coronavirus needs to be done now.

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