“Tourism this year proved to be the heavy industry of Greece,” says the minister

This year tourism proved to be Greek “heavy industry” and can not only support the national economy, but also provide significant support in very difficult conditions,” said Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias.

In an interview with the state news agency amna The Minister of Tourism said that so far no one can doubt the excellent development of tourism in Greece.

He added that during this period, Greece will receive 1 million tourists every week, highlighting that in July the number of tourists arriving every week exceeded 900,000.

The minister highlighted arrivals from the United States, noting that in June they increased by 50% compared to 2019, while arrivals from Austria increased by 32% and from Israel by 24%.

“This year Greece will be in first place for travelers from France and Israel, very high on the list of travelers from the Balkans and in the top three positions for travelers from Germany and the Scandinavian countries.”

Kikilias stressed that one of the biggest stakes in Greek tourism is still the extension of the tourist season. “There are indications, not evidence, that the tourist season has already been extended, and yes, there are also indications that it will be extended even further,” he said.

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