German pensioners decide not to pay for heating in winter

AT EU pensioners have found an effective way not to pay for heating – they decide to “overwinter” in the resorts.

As writes BB.LV, referring to the local media and ATOR data, pensioners in Germany are actively looking for options for winter holidays in “warm places”. They prefer all-inclusive hotels to not only forget about paying for heating for a while, but also not to spend time shopping for groceries.

According to a representative of the tourism industry, the most popular destinations today are Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, the Canary Islands. A resident of Germany, Lothar, assures that a vacation in a hot country will cost much less than “wintering” at home:

“What are we to do in cold Germany? Heating eats up our money. And in Tunisia, we are pampered in the hotel from morning to night.”

Meanwhile, the European Union approved an emergency gas saving planproviding for a voluntary reduction in demand by 15%:

“The regulation is an exceptional and emergency measure for a limited period. It will apply for one year. The European Commission will prepare a review to consider its extension in the light of the general situation with gas supplies in the EU by May 2023.”

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