August 15 is not the last three-day weekend this year

The fifteenth of August is approaching and the next three-day weekend, which is so rich in the current year 2022.

The inhabitants of Greece, one might say, “spoiled” this year, generous for a three-day weekend. There have been and still will be a lot of holidays that fall on dates around the weekend. That is why they “join” them. Thus, it will be possible to go somewhere for three days or take a break from work duties at home on the couch.

So, the “long” holidays of 2022:

  • Monday 15 August: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (three days).
  • Friday 28 October: “OHI” Anniversary (three days).
  • Sunday 25 December: Christmas.
  • Monday 26 December: Second day of Christmas (three days).

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