Parnita: mountain tea lover fell into the abyss

The walk along Mount Parnitha ended tragically for a 76-year-old man who decided to collect medicinal herbs on the slope of Fterolakka.

On a steep path, right in front of the famous Chalet, the earth crumbled under his feet, and the man fell into an abyss 60 meters deep. His belongings were discovered around 22:00 on Friday by employees of the PC Amphicleas (ΠΚ Αμφίκλειας), and a few minutes later, rescuers found the old man unconscious at the bottom of the gorge.

The search was preceded by a phone call from relatives of the elderly man, who were worried that he had not returned home before dark (as he usually did) and did not answer the phone.

According to LamiaReport, this is the same person who attracted attention two years ago by mobilizing the authorities. Then he also fell into a ravine, approximately in the same area, but he was saved. The man was lucky the first time, as despite being injured, he managed to alert the firemen and was eventually found by a mobile phone signal.

This time everything ended in tragedy. A special climbing unit of the 7th EMAK arrived at the scene to begin removing the body and delivering it to an EKAV ambulance waiting on the road. The operation lasted almost two hours and ended about twenty minutes after midnight.

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