On the verge: a road in Greece that not everyone will be able to safely drive

In some very secluded place, which has never known the Turkish yoke, lies one of the most dangerous roads on the planet, and therefore travel along it should be avoided.

At an altitude of 740 meters, surrounded by mountains covered with fir trees, which are a continuation of the Pindos mountain range, the village of Perdikaki (Valtos, Etoloakarnania) is located. Its inhabitants, filled with national pride, will surely tell their guests and visitors that the village was not subjected to Turkish occupation. And at the same time, they will certainly draw attention to the road, which not everyone dares to drive.

The words of the villagers are confirmed international list of “roads of death” (“δρόμους του θανάτου”)where she takes her place of honor. This 12 km mountain dirt road, running at an altitude of 700 meters, connects Perdikaki with the village of Patiopoulos and is an alternative to the provincial road. Those who ignore the advice of local residents and start moving along it will probably regret it bitterly.

What is so dangerous about it? Extreme narrowness, which makes any meeting between two vehicles an insoluble “problem”, invisible potholes that test the car’s endurance, as well as the complete absence of any barriers that can stop the fall into the abyss.

The steep cliff that exists next to the traveler throughout the road is not the only threat. The opposite side is a chaotic “mound of stones” that are ready to fall on your head at any moment or drag the car into the abyss.

There are no easy sections on the road, ups and downs seem extremely exhausting. On the other hand, there are those who are not stopped by many dangers, and they seem ready to explore this place and admire the river Aheloy from above, which flows in the depths of the gorge parallel to the road.

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