“Hermit’s Fjord”: Greek “blue lake” invites you to dive into crystal clear waters

This beach was recently discovered by an accidental drone flight. A charming blue-green beach, which few people know about, is located near the Argolis valley.

The enchanting landscape has been dubbed the “hermit’s fjord” because the footage shows signs of a hermit(?) habitation – a yellow canoe and a small makeshift wooden building. These are, of course, speculations, as no one can be sure enough about this unless they visit this wonderful piece of nature.

The beauty of the landscape is unparalleled. A small gorge leads to the beach, narrow and deep like a fjord, and its waters have an amazing color. The bay is a shelter protected from the winds. It is suspected that access from land to the beach is rather difficult, but there may be a path that will lead the hiker to a magical place.

What are fjords? They are long, narrow sea bays with steep banks, reminiscent of flooded river gorges, and were formed thousands of years ago during the melting of ice after the last ice age, when sea water flooded the valleys created by glaciers.

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