Flying car gets US permission to fly

After 14 years of developing a flying car, the US has recognized the Samson Switchblade as ready for test flights.

According to New Atlas, at the touch of a button, the three-wheeled sports vehicle transforms into an airplane. At the same time, wings are extended from under the cockpit designed for two, and the complete transformation continues for three minutes. The car got its peculiar name because of the shape of the wings – Switchblade translated from English means “switch knife”.

The Samson Switchblade is powered by a 3-cylinder, 1.6-liter liquid-cooled engine that develops 190 horsepower. Although it is a three-wheeler, in many regions it can be registered as a motorcycle with a speed of up to 201 km/h. The flight speed is 257 km/h.

On a fully filled fuel tank, a car-airplane flies 724 km. A runway 335 meters long is required for takeoff and 213 meters long for landing.

Well, it remains to report on the cost of an innovative vehicle – neither more nor less than 150 thousand dollars.

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