This is interesting: why do cats hiss at their owners

It would seem that you are to her – with all your heart, and the cat hisses menacingly in response, causing not too pleasant emotions. Why? There are several reasons, and quite interesting ones.

It is uncharacteristic for a cat to show aggression and anger for no apparent reason. Exotericism explains this behavior by the reaction of the animal to the presence of negative energy in the owner. But there are also a sufficient number of more “earthly” reasons.

Perhaps you scared your pet? After all, a person also sometimes behaves inappropriately, frightened by loud noise or sudden movements. It is likely that by silently approaching the cat, you simply frightened her, causing a similar reaction.

An unfamiliar smell can also alert a cat – with the help of smell, these animals read information about the world around them. Approaching a pet with the smell of a strange animal or even new toilet water, you can cause negativity in your pet. Furry beauties are “conservative” and do not like it when outsiders, even in the form of a smell, invade their territory.

Experts explain the behavior of a hissing cat with character traits that should be taken for granted. Some pets are affectionate and quiet, others are able to show character. So you have to respect the character of your cat or … part with it.

But often a cat hisses at the owner if she has previously had to deal with mistreatment. If you took her from the street, then just give her time to adapt. Perhaps, in connection with the aggression experienced earlier, she just got used to protecting herself.

This is typical for adult animals that previously had not the best owners. Give a cat love and affection, and her attitude towards people will definitely change for the better, advises BB.LV.

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