M. Pagoni: “From the very beginning, we registered cancer patients and heart patients who died from covid”

EΙΝΑΠ President Matina Pagoni said that the way of registering deaths from Covid-19 in Greece is wrong, as patients who had cancer or heart disease are registered as dead from coronavirus!

Specifically, she said:If someone is admitted to the hospital for another reason, such as cancer or heart disease, and a coronavirus is found inside, it is recorded as a coronavirus death. This is not right, this is not done abroad. It was wrong from the start.”

Thus, the President of EINAP confirmed the words of the Minister of Health Athanasios Pleuriswho stated that if you have a heart attack or stroke and are found positive for Covid, you will not go to the cardiology or neurology department, but, according to the protocol, you will go to the coronavirus department. “This is the system that our country has. And then you are recorded as dead from COVID,” she continued.

Therefore, after this cynical confession, the big question arises: “So did so many people die in vain?” As Konstantin Farsalinos stated in his Twitter post, this is “a confession to possible medical crimes that should be urgently investigated by the justice system. The stroke unit reduces mortality by 50-55%, but the minister has a ‘system’ to throw everyone in covid clinics. Justice is ignored…”

In other words, a well-known cardiologist is complaining that many patients who are reported to have died due to covid actually died due to another, more serious disease that was not treated as it should have been treated in the institution where it was prescribed. They were treated like Covid patients and eventually died of a heart attack or stroke. The figure reported by Mr. Farsalinos is simply staggering.

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