Greek wine is promoted in the German market

The first program to promote Greek wine in Germany was announced by the National Vine and Wine Interprofessional Organization (EDOAO).

A two-year program co-funded EUis called ENOS and aims to increase the awareness of Greek wine in Germany and at the same time encourage responsible consumption.

Germany is the most important sales market Greek wine in the European Union, with export volumes steadily declining from 2007, when 17,546 kg of wine were exported to Germany annually, until 2021, when exports fell to 12,187 kg per year. At the same time, however, it is important that the corresponding revenues for Greece show even a slight increase (from 27,306 euros in 2007 to 28,256 euros in 2021), which is the result of a significant increase in the price per liter of wine. So, in 2007, the average selling price of Greek wine in Germany was 1.56 euros per liter, and in 2021 – 2.32 euros per liter. The price increase is extremely important as Germany is the target market for Greek wines, but export volumes are disappointing.

And although the program provides a number of actions to promote Greek wine among professionals and consumers in Germany, the president of the WSPC (certified organization for the study of wine), Konstantinos Lazarakis, speaking during the presentation, made a wonderful observation: , include Greek wine in your list or in your store. At the same time, the millions of tourists who come to Greece every year are eating bad food and drinking bad wine.” Mr. Lazarakis went even further, adding that it was crucial to make sure that the average consumer in Greece would drink good wine.

“If I could change anything about Greek wine, it would be the way it is stored and preserved,” he said. – When the wine is more than 15 days at temperatures above 25 degrees, it loses its quality. And when a consumer drinks bad wine, they will think that particular wine is bad and will not blame the carrier or the winery.” Regarding wine tourism, Mr. Lazarakis added that the first very important step has not even been taken yet. “In order to choose Greece as a wine tourism destination, they must first know that the country produces wine, and good wine,” he concluded.

It is noteworthy that earlier, before the imposition of sanctions, Greek wine was supplied to Russia, where it was sold in much larger volumes. The attempt to replace Russia with Germany was not particularly successful. The northern European market is quite densely saturated with manufacturers from other countries in southern Europe, as well as South Africa, South and North America. Even if the sanctions are lifted, it will be very difficult for Greek manufacturers to return to the Russian market.

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