Going on vacation – practical tips for leaving home

In anticipation of a relaxing vacation, do not forget about the things that you just need to have time to do before leaving. Check if you have completed everything from this list so that the apartment welcomes you after your holiday without unpleasant surprises.

Tip 1. Don’t forget about perishable foods.

A lot of trouble can be delivered by products left in a hurry in the refrigerator or, worse, just in the closet. Eat the rest and throw away the leftovers, do not forget about expired or close to this products. Also be sure to wipe the surfaces of the table and shelves. This also includes unwashed dishes – a cup of yogurt or dessert can “meet” you from vacation with unpleasant mold.

Tip 2. The trash can should be left empty and clean.

Collect before leaving and throw away garbage from all areas – kitchen, toilet, office. Rinse out the trash can. In return, when you return from vacation, you will receive fresh air and the absence of midges, bugs and other small evil spirits.

Tip 3. Valuables have no place in plain sight.

It seems to be naive advice, but … “you put it further away, you take it closer.” Even if you think that there is nothing special to take in the house, do not flatter yourself – thieves will find what to take. It is better to hide the laptop in a closet, place jewelry in a drawer, and not in front of a mirror, and hide money (if any amount is left at home) in a home hiding place. Remember, thieves are limited in time, so first of all they take what is “badly lying.”

Tip 4: Turn off the water.

A dripping faucet or a leaking toilet tank can not only increase your water bill, but also cause damage and even a flood. In general, the best idea, if you leave the house for a few days, will be a banal shutdown of the water – believe me, you will be calmer, and returning home will not be overshadowed by puddles on the floor.

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Tip 5: Check your switches.

Unjustified waste of electricity, especially in our difficult times, is unforgivable. Walk around the house before leaving it and make sure that:

  • all lights are out;
  • electronic devices are disconnected from the network – washing machine, TV, computer;
  • the water heater on the panel is not turned on.

Tip 6: Load your washing machine.

After returning from vacation, you will surely have a whole suitcase of clothes to wash. Together with the one that remained dirty before leaving, too much will accumulate, requiring effort and time. It is better to wash before leaving, and even ironing is not necessary – just dry thoroughly and fold neatly if time is running out.

Tip 7: Don’t leave spare keys.

Having agreed with friends or neighbors to water flowers in your absence, do not leave the keys under the rug or in another place – you never know who can take them. Just hand them over personally to the person you trust to enter the house in your absence.

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Tip 8: Check your windows and doors.

Well close all windows, balcony, exit to the veranda and, of course, the front door. The elementary truth, but in a hurry, many forget to do this.

Tip 9. Alarm.

If the house has an alarm or fire safety system, be sure to activate it before leaving the house!

Agree, the tips are easy to follow, but the return on them is enormous. When you return from vacation, you will find all things in their places, and the apartment is clean and comfortable. Therefore, do not rush, go through the list again – have you forgotten something – and … enjoy your vacation!

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