Enjoy the August full moon

The “Moon of Oxyrhynchus”, which has risen in the sky, can be admired on August 12, 2022.

The largest moon of the year, also known as the “Moon of Oxyrhynchus” (“Φεγγάρι του Οξύρρυγχου”), is named by the native inhabitants of America, who on this day caught this particular fish (sturgeon family). The full moon will peak in Greece at 4:35 am on August 12th.

The lunar disk will appear to be fully illuminated for several nights in a row, especially when viewed with the naked eye. The August Full Moon will appear in the sky after sunset, reach its highest point in the sky around midnight, and set around sunrise. Visually, it will seem that the Earth’s satellite seems to have increased in size.

Full moon in August 2022: why it is called “sturgeon”

The full moon in August has long been considered special. In North America, it was called “sturgeon” because at that time there were a lot of fish in the rivers, in particular, sturgeons.

The roots of the name can be found in the legends of the fishermen of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain in the northeastern United States. It was in the last month of summer that sturgeons allegedly rose from deep waters to shallow waters at the time of the full moon. And then the fishermen received a particularly rich catch relatively close to the coast.

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