Thessaloniki: an ATM was set on fire in a shopping center

Robbers attacked an ATM located in the Apollonia Politia shopping center in Thessaloniki. It all happened today, August 4, at 04:00 am.

According to information, the attackers first broke into the confectionery, which houses the ATM, and then set fire to the trading floor, destroying the ATM. According to law enforcement agencies, two specialized vehicles with six firefighters arrived at the scene to put out the fire. It is not reported whether the criminals managed to take possession of any amount. The police are investigating to find the arsonists-robbers.

The standard method of blowing up plofkraak ATMs with liquefied gas is so simple and so detailed in numerous videos posted on the Internet that, probably, only the lazy did not think about enrichment in this way. However, judging by the handwriting, professionals are still involved in this case. And banks, which can take certain measures to prevent such thefts, are in no hurry to implement them. They get insurance for every ATM they rob, and at the same time write off, if possible, certain amounts of money that are difficult to verify after they have been stolen. In the end, everyone is happy and satisfied.

Only, apparently, few people understand that sooner or later such incidents can cause great tragedy. For example, during another bank robbery in the densely populated Pagrati metropolitan area, blown up ATM, next to which there was a pipe that supplied the neighboring house with natural gas. According to firefighters, if the explosion had damaged the pipe, it could have blown the whole building, and then it would have been impossible to do without human casualties.

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