"Hidden" electricity bill amounts

Media attention has focused on the huge costs that have been reflected in electricity bills over the past 12 months due to the indexation clause.

However, they hide two more factors that cause new expenses and increase the final amount. The first factor is the increase in ΤΑΠ, a product of rising real estate values, and the second is the increase in … real estate area after the resettlement of undeclared square meters by millions of owners.

As municipalities across the country adjust the area after filing the relevant returns, the municipal fees and the ΤΑΠ bill are also “inflated”, and there are still hundreds of thousands of cases where homeowners continue to pay according to the previous data (before the adjustment). As a reminder, even for cases of settlements for undeclared square meters made a few months ago, municipal fees and ΤΑΠ are charged retroactively from 2020.

In areas with a very high increase in the objective value of real estate, this burden is significant and can amount to several tens of euros per year. For example, in one of the districts of Chalandri, the price of the zone has increased from 1200 euros to 2000 euros. The result is the following comparison:

In 2021, a 15-year-old 120-square-meter property in the area was charged €35.28 for the entire year.
For 2022, as the zone price rises to €2,000, the total annual ΤΑΠ will increase to €58.8. That is, only for the adjustment of ΤΑΠ, a fee of 23.6 euros per year will be charged.

A significant increase in ΤΑΠ (of the order of several tens of euros, depending on the case) will be reflected in the electricity bills in all areas where there has been a large increase in the price of the zone. These are Heraklion, Agios Dimitrios, Moskhato, 3rd Municipal District of the Municipality of Athens, Agios Dimitrios, Daphni and Paleo Faliro.

These surcharges, which may seem small, apply to properties that have not been increased on paper. If the surface area increases, then the additional load is much greater. Because, in addition to VAT (which increases both per square meter due to the value of the property, and in general due to the larger area), municipal taxes are also levied. There are objects of medium and large area, which began to pay municipalities even more than 50 euros per month, especially if there is a backlog and with retroactive payments.

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