Russia says: “Greece is no more for us!”

There have been no diplomatic relations between Russia and Greece for half a year, the Turkish edition writes. Milliyet. According to the author, this is an unaffordable luxury for Athens.

Perhaps the current prime minister is not opposed to Greece becoming a slave to the United States, but the government has no right to make interstate relations hostage to its political interests.


You and I have the right to sympathize with the Russian Federation or not, but the Greek government has no right not to talk and not to contact with it, as it has been doing for six months. After all, the military alliance, of which Greece is a member, has been considering Moscow as its most serious adversary for years, and the boss of this alliance, the United States, is creating nine bases in Greece with the possibility of access to Russia by land and sea.
Not only Greece, but also Patagonia (I’m not encroaching on Argentina and Chile here, of course) has neither the right, nor the opportunity, nor the luxury to break off relations with Russia. Why? Because, at a minimum, each country should contact Russia by mail-phone-Internet, and such technical relations require constant communication.
But Greece! Since February this year, its relations with Russia, it turns out, are at zero. Russian Ambassador to Athens Andrey Maslov, in an interview with the Rossiya-24 TV channel at the beginning of the week, said: “Since February, our bilateral relations have been completely destroyed, they no longer exist. There is no cooperation, no contacts.” “Literally in a matter of days, all the developments, the entire rich array of relations that had been accumulated over many decades, were reset to zero,” the ambassador added.

Hakkı Öcal

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