In Crete, hydrochloric acid was poured into the pool

Instead of bleach, employees of one of the Cretan hotels poured hydrochloric acid into the pool.

According to the message creta24.gra dangerous incident took place in a hotel in Agios Nikolaos, creating a high risk to others and requiring the intervention of specialists from the 3rd EMAK of Crete (3η ΕΜΑΚ Κρήτης). The chemical compound affected people through inhalation and skin contact.

To dissolve the acid, employees poured water, but as a result, toxic compounds were formed in the air. From the pool, as a result of a chemical reaction, very caustic foam was thrown out, which led to the ignition of the clothes of some employees.

The incident was successfully liquidated by the forces of the 3rd EMAK, no hotel staff or firefighters were injured, and the tanks were cleaned. But after all, such a dangerous mistake could end not so well …

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