Afghan teenagers attacked a policeman in the center of Athens to take away his weapon

Seventeen-year-old teenagers from Afghanistan, probably from among the Afghan “minors”, who are recorded as teenagers at 30 years old, attacked two policemen in the center of Athens and tried to take away their weapons!

The policemen, a man and a woman patrolling from the metropolitan division, parked their motorcycles at the intersection of Veraneru and Kumunduru streets. The children, apparently already considering themselves the owners of the area, approached them and threateningly asked what they needed in this area! The police told them their status, to which the minors were indignant and replied: “And you, the police, what do you need here?”

One Afghan man suddenly attacked a 30-year-old policeman and tried to snatch his gun from him. He reacted by preventing him from taking the weapon, and in a scuffle they fell to the ground.

The second teenager started kicking the fallen officer on the head. His colleague, with the help of a passing off-duty employee, tried to subdue the perpetrators, but was eventually attacked herself. After a short hand-to-hand fight, the police officers handcuffed the Afghan people.

Unprecedented crime at all levels “burdens” our country, because, in addition to numerous murders, migrants from Asia and Africa sow fear: wherever they are, they rob, rape and kill!

If the police are in such danger, then what can the average citizen expect?

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