Whose child? Tragic situations generated "new customs and traditions" our troubled times

We live in a tragic time. This post is about two men who got married and wanted to have a baby. One donated sperm, another’s sister provided an egg, and the other’s mother acted as a surrogate mother.

Are you confused? Only Elpidophoros was missing to perform the baptism.

The problem is that some people (usually in the centers of power) want to convince us that all this is reasonable and should be done.

This is what we will see in Greece if same-sex couples are allowed to have children.

It should be noted that a few days ago, through her personal account on Instgaram, the former New Democracy politician posted a video in which she called the creation of a family by representatives of the LGBTI community “unnatural” and raised the issue of adoption of children by same-sex couples.

“It’s not normal when a child grows up with two dads or two moms. A child needs his mother and father, and this was found out many years ago through countless studies. Not 52 genders that are deliberately confused so that some people can promote their own agenda,” she wrote in the caption to her post, and then Aphrodite Latinopoulou replied to her in the video:

There is growing pressure on the government from the LGBT community and some media outlets to legislate civil marriages and the adoption of LGBT children. To close this question once and for all, I, like the vast majority of Greek society, don’t want to hear about marriages between men or women, let alone adoption by same-sex couples. This is something absurd, unnatural and contrary to our religion.

Someone will say that several countries in Europe have already adopted all this. Of course, they forget that many countries did not make this fatal mistake. After all, if we want to compare ourselves to Europe, it’s better to compare the level of wages they receive, their purchasing power, the education system, the road network and vehicles they have, or even the access they have for their citizens. disabled. The last thing we’re interested in comparing is whether they accept LGBT marriages and whether they consider them suitable for adoptive parents.

Both biology and religion are clear about these issues. It’s not normal when a child grows up with two dads or two moms. The child needs his mother and father, and this was found out many years ago in the course of countless studies.

Not the 52 genders, which are deliberately mixed up so that some may choose to advance their own agendas. I would like to believe that the government will not succumb to the concerted pressure from the LGBT community and the lobbies that support them around the world and consider allowing the adoption of children by members of the LGBT community, as if children are a commodity to be thrown away. to free orphanages.

The institution of the family in our country is sacred, because it is through it that the citizens of tomorrow are formed. Father and mother play a separate but equally important role in their upbringing, development and character formation. He should not be insulted in a stupid way by some in order to play progressive. Those who disrespect this and systematically seek to deconstruct our society will find us targeted.“.

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