July 16, 2024

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Unthinkable: an attacker robbed and beat a pregnant woman, because of which she had a miscarriage

A shocking incident took place in Kilkis. The victim was a pregnant woman who miscarried after being attacked by a violent criminal.

According to law enforcement agencies, the foreigner and his three accomplices were transporting a woman and her family – her husband and five minor children – with the aim of their illegal departure from the country.

During the passage of the vehicle with passengers, one of the spies attacked a pregnant woman and inflicted bodily injuries on her, taking 2,000 euros from her. The attacker also wounded one of her minor children, who was trying to protect the mother.

The mother and son were taken to the hospital, where it was determined that she had a miscarriage.

After coordinated investigations and searches carried out by members of the Crime Prevention and Suppression Group and members of the Pianias Border Guard Department (Τμήματος Συνοριακής Φύλαξης Παιονίας), the foreigners were discovered and arrested.

They confiscated 4 mobile phones, the amount of 250 euros and a small amount of marijuana.

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