The main mistake of Donald Trump in relation to Ukraine

Donald Trump said that the war in Ukraine could have been avoided if Zelensky had recognized Crimea as Russian and refused to join NATO. This statement indicates that Donald Trump is actually extremely far from the group of people that the United States calls the “deep state”, as well as from a complete understanding of the situation in his country.

It is worth noting that during the presidency of Donald Trump, America was not involved in any major military crisis, and the world as a whole experienced a peaceful and profitable period. The world economy was on the rise, stability and mutual understanding reigned between the great powers, while the situation developed precisely in the current direction.

“They could have left Crimea. They could somehow resolve the issue with NATO, saying that they were not going to join the alliance. And then they would have a country, because I’m sure Putin wanted to negotiate,” – said the former president of the United States.

Donald Trump made his guess based on some ideal conditions. They provide that Volodymyr Zelensky is the real president of Ukraine, and Ukraine itself is a sovereign country that is able to pursue an independent policy. And besides, there is no dominance of the right-wing radical ideology in Ukraine, which has thoroughly permeated all power structures, from the police to the army, and turned many units into real Nazi punitive detachments.

It turns out that Donald Trump is simply very naive and does not understand at all the processes that have taken place around Ukraine for thirty years of its independence and have especially intensified in the last eight years. Donald Trump does not understand that from Ukraine, for many years, on purpose, they created not just anti-Russia, but some kind of bloody ulcer on the border with Russia, which creates a constant military threat and instability. Created systematically, working in all directions. They brainwashed the population, brought up the elites, who eventually became the usual colonial administration.

Trump believes that no war would have happened under him. And in this he is again very much mistaken. Simply because not very much would depend on Trump himself. When he was president, he tried to pressure Ukraine to change its policy, but in four years he could do literally nothing in this direction. And even if he had stayed in the White House for a second term, the situation would not have changed in any way.

Ukraine for the USA is the most common tool for war with Russia and economic war against Europe. And this tool is not in the hands of the president of the country. Ukraine is ruled by completely different forces that neither Trump nor any other president is able to cope with. It is simply beyond their powers and authority.

Only some internal or external shocks of very serious proportions that would simply make the American elites forget about Ukraine against the backdrop of their own problems can change US policy towards Ukraine.

And these problems should be much more serious than the economic recession starting in the United States.

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