Mitsotakis’ departure should not be accompanied by national concessions

Once again, the staff of “aristocrats” Kyriakos Mitsotakis, it seems, could not cope with the fires in East Attica, Evros, Mytilene, Ilia…

For Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Christos Stylianidis, who came to Greece from Brussels where he was European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, “climate change” is to blame!

Because they don’t have the guts and courage to tell us that it’s all their incompetence that’s to blame! If they do not have the courage and dignity to resign and go to jail!

But Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has more than just these shortcomings. In a very difficult time for the people of Drafi, Anthous, Gerakas, Pallini, where many houses were destroyed, where more than 20 thousand acres of forest land burned down, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis felt that he had to inspect and open the damage! And instead of his face showing sadness, instead of tears rolling down his cheeks from the sad, devastating picture he saw, he smiled along with the people accompanying him and took selfies on his mobile phone, which caused a lot of bitter comments on social networks, in including from former government spokesman Evangelos Antonaros, who warned him as follows:

“I decided to re-post a photo of Prime Minister Mitsotakis, who was in good spirits yesterday, during his visit to the burned areas. Arriving with an escort of 15 cars, he exchanged jokes with people running around. I hope this time… Petsas… (yes, the one who fed the media) will also see the photo”!

Shame and nothing but shame for the Prime Minister of Greece! We warned this non-existent executive power of Mitsotakis… I spoke about asymmetric threats in my recent article, where, among other things, I said:

“…. Do the government and ΕΥΠ services know that R.T. Erdogan will probably use new hybrid-type operations against Greece? Is there information about the presence of Turkish agents (MIT) in Athens and Piraeus, as well as senior officers of the Turkish armies who are perhaps plotting with the Pakistanis, Afghans and Somalis to undermine the rule of law in Greece?So, is the above decision of the government (armed soldiers as policemen) primarily about ensuring the internal security of our country, so that we will not be under siege from – for asymmetric Turkish threats?…”.

And suddenly we find that the whole of Greece is on fire, big fires have engulfed the whole country! Many of them are mysterious, suspicious, incomprehensible! Is it only a negligent citizen who threw a lit cigarette to blame? Is the old man who cleaned the grass in his dacha to blame for this? Is the “wind” that blew to blame? Is it because of the much publicized climate change by the Greek Prime Minister?

But the fires in Evros and Mytilene have surpassed all government fabrications, which, coincidentally, serve the aggressive plans of R.T. Erdogan against Greece!

With the “undivided assistance” of the government, which at the end of December 2021 was convinced of this by its decisions (Government Gazette B 6191/23 ICJ. 21), Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy Georgios Amiras (former internationalist “Potamisios”) cease to be ΝΠΙΔ (legal private law entity) and national park responsibilities have been transferred to the Environment and Climate Change Agency (ΟΦΥΠΕΚΑ)!

Among these national parks is Dadia Forest National Park – Lefkimi – Soufli, mostly burnt out!


  • Parnita National Park
  • Parparnina National Park, Parnithon Parnithon National Park, Parnithon Tabernacle, Marathon, Hymett and South East Attica National Park
  • Delta of Evros and Samothrace
  • North Pindos National Park
  • Tzoumerka National Park, Agrafa, Acheloos Valley and Meteora
  • Olympus National Park.

Davutoğlu is “crawling” across Greek territory and the Mitsotakis government is “whistling indifferently”… But there is no excuse that this government, however incompetent it may be, however climate change obsessed it may be, does not understand what it must manage the amount of information – which he probably has – from the Greek agencies!

Because it knows perfectly well that the Turkish extremely aggressive rhetoric of the “Blue Motherland” was based on the book “Strategic Depth” by Ahmet Davutoglu, which summarized Turkish foreign policy and Turkey’s claims to Greece in a 20-year perspective!

A government that allows – and this is very interesting – Ahmet Davutoglu (former Prime Minister of Turkey, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, President of the Justice and Development Party) to officially and unofficially visit Greece! How, a few days ago, he visited Xanthi, “the region of the descendants of Porta,” as he said, and called the Muslim Greeks living there Turks!

But according to our information, Ahmet Davutoglu regularly visits the Dodecanese islands and especially Kos. He seems to enjoy it very much, for he enjoys “sweet brown stew” in hovoli, in small cafes, next to Ottoman mosques, Ottoman baths, under shady plane trees, always accompanied by a cortege of fanatical Ottoman Turkish subjects who may be agents.

Agents arrested in the Dodecanese at work. Agents who freely roam Chios and Mytilene! Agents arrested for recruiting people for the sea routes Kos – Kastelorizo! A sea area that Turkey and MIT are particularly targeting.

The Turkish secret service, which recruits Germans, Dutch and other Turkish philosophers who live permanently in the Dodecanese, and some of them were “caught by the hand” (we are talking about members of American NGOs who spied for Turkey and earned on the transportation of migrants. Note. editions.).

If we now include here those who were “loaded” onto our islands (Albanians, Pakistanis, Georgians, Arabs and “other sons of Israel”) by the Minister of Immigration and Asylum Notis Mitarakis, then you all understand what an explosive mixture is created on our islands! So we ask ourselves, if the Greek government is aware of all these asymmetric threats, and if it is aware of them, what is it doing to deal effectively with them? Does it know about the actions of Ahmet Davutoglu in Xanthi, Kos, Rhodes and other places?

Did the Prime Minister invite the government’s National Security Council (NSC), which is the country’s highest decision-making body on national security issues, to discuss the presence of SYRIZA MP Hussein Zeybek at a meeting held in Xanthi “chaired” by Davutoglu? Did they invite him in to “interrogate” him? Or does everything about this government seem normal, and climate change is to blame, which has affected the minds of the government in the first place?

But unfortunately, frankly, we cannot understand this defiant complacency about all of the above on the part of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias! Is the sound of military drums from Turkey only in our ears? After all, if this sounds in the ears of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, then how do they allow the following to happen on the territory of Greece? Finally, should the Greeks, and above all our Greeks and our Greek citizens, sleep peacefully?

The government and the media are partners and accomplices…

Yes, this government is dangerous to the national existence of Greece. Yes, this government is not capable of saving our homes and natural environment from fires, floods, weather disasters. Yes, this government, having failed in the management of Covid-19, ranks first in Europe in terms of the number of deaths per capita. Yes, this government took up arms against all social groups in our country. The country is in the grip of an unprecedented popular outrage against the prime minister and his government! Yes, this government is mocking, mocking the Greek people, as for all the suffering they have found, the war between Russia and Ukraine and the demonic climate change are to blame.

But the polling companies tasked with conducting mega polls – the big businessmen, the mainstream media that have been raking in money from the Petsas lists for three years now – are “discovering” that the Southwest is hanging between 30-33%! These are the same media that spread government narratives from morning to night, scaring our people and presenting their own and only news as news, while hiding everything that I said above! Those who understand this leave the sinking ship at the first opportunity…

Under this heading, the following very apt article by Dimitris Kipriotis was written by a retired senior officer. To see things that are completely opposite to what the mainstream media sees.

“After Macron, who will soon see the loneliness of his “throne”, Johnson, who “works hard” until September, Salts, who has not yet realized that he has lost his popularity, Biden, who is in prostration and November is approaching, when he will lose Congress, has come “super” Draghi’s turn to surrender!The latter, despite the desperate efforts of the system to hold on at all costs, failed.He again presents his credentials to the president.

And the dominoes will continue to fall, judging by the fact that Mitsotakis is challenged by an insider. The rulers of the Southwest are on the edge of their seats, dissatisfied with the retreat of their leader, and waiting for a spark, a nod. Three camps have already appeared and are sharpening their knives.


Mitsotakis, after “democratic” procedures, transfers power to Dendias, seeking to obtain some kind of international role, which is unlikely to be given to him. Voridis has prepared his army and is ready for war. And the unknown, “red Panos”, who is trying to organize something, with the “Caramanoist” bloc.

The problem in Greece is still to find a serious alternative, but where and by whom? Failing to find this political equation, and in the midst of national events, the system pushes towards ecumenism, since the coalition does not turn out the way it wants.

Of course, the figures of the block Mitsotakis – Velopoulos – Semitis on the one hand and Tsipras – Androulakis – Varoufakis on the other are considered and weighed. The game between them flared up in earnest. But where are the people in all this quagmire?

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