Larisa: 150 thefts in 2 years were committed by an underage teenager

A teenager who was detained on Saturday in Larisa, on the eve of his 18th birthday, became a real record holder for thefts.

Until recently, he lived in a gypsy settlement in Tirnavos, and now he is a prisoner in a juvenile detention center. According to reports from the local police department, he became the champion in thefts and arrests. Last Saturday, he reached the age of majority, that is, he will now be responsible for his actions to the fullest extent of the law.

It has become a real headache for owners of houses, cars and warehouses. He stole everything he could find, from lawn mowers to car batteries. According to the most rough estimates, from the summer of 2020 until the day of the last arrest, according to Freedom, the teenager committed a total of approximately 150 thefts and robberies. At least 25 times he was arrested and released as a minor. Having reached the age of majority, he crossed the threshold of prison. Last Saturday, apologizing to Larisa’s single-mandate autoplex court, the guy confessed: he was stealing to sell the booty and “get heroin.”

He lived in a gypsy camp with his grandparents – his father died, and his mother lives elsewhere. However, even there he was an “undesirable neighbor”, as he also stole from the gypsies. Eventually he was expelled from the camp and slept where he could settle down. Now he was stealing just to eat. He never went to school and had no one around to take care of him. Because of his thefts, he visited the police station as regularly as the police officers on duty.

Almost all police departments and Larisa’s security department filed cases against him. His specialty is theft. He took everything that could be sold to buy heroin – car batteries, cell phones, lawn mowers. And on Saturday night, he was detained while driving a stolen motorcycle.

The court found him guilty and sentenced him to 8 months in prison. The 18-year-old convict will serve part of the sentence, 2 months, in custody, and the rest of the term on probation.

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