Instant death of 26-year-old boy in elevator: shocking forensic report

A horrific death befell a 26-year-old young man from Serres, who decided to lower a large refrigerator in an elevator early last Sunday morning.

According to the autopsy report by medical examiner Eleni Zagelidou, “the guy died almost instantly,” as he was diagnosed with a “neck fracture.” The refrigerator squeezed his chest and neck.

“The entire upper half of the body, that is, the head, neck and chest, was literally crushed,” says the expert.

The elevator reportedly lacked a door between the car and shaft. Apparently, at some point during the movement, the refrigerator came into contact with the ceilings of the floors and fell on the guy, literally pressing him into the back wall of the cab. And this went on all the time until the elevator descended to the lower floor. “His death was almost instantaneous,” the pathologist noted.

Recall that the unfortunate young man worked as a distributor in Serres. Friends and relatives describe him as “everyone’s favorite” jovial person. On that fateful night, he, along with a friend, went to his home to move the fridge to your new home.

His funeral will take place this afternoon in his hometown of Chrysoupoli (Kavala).

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