Daring robbery in Thessaloniki

Threatening with a kitchen knife, the robber cleared the cash desk of a convenience store in Thessaloniki.

There were a cashier and a customer in the store. Threatening to use a kitchen knife, the hooded guy took more than 200 euros from the cash register and quickly retreated, writes CNN Greece. EL.AS. launched an investigation and is trying to locate him. The store employee believes that the perpetrator set a goal in advance and thought out his actions:

“He spoke in pure Greek and immobilized both of us, because at that time there was also a buyer in the store. He took out a kitchen knife and demanded to give him money from the cash register. He knew what he wanted, and by his movements it seemed that he already did it before.”

A convenience store worker described the robber to the police. He was wearing long-sleeved overalls and a jacket in which he hid a kitchen knife, which led the employee to the idea of ​​an attempted robbery: “He entered the store in long-sleeved clothes, although it was hot outside, so I immediately realized that with something is wrong with him.”

The video shows a masked man entering the store and heading to the counter. At the same time, he takes out a kitchen knife from his jacket, throws it into the air and heads for the “target”, which was the cash register.

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