When the government promises to raise the minimum wage and "defrosting" pensions

Greek Labor Minister Kostis Hadzidakis assured that the government plans to start the process of another increase in the minimum wage from January 1, 2023. From this date, the “unfreezing” of pensions will also begin.

He expressed confidence that the government’s plans will come true, even despite the difficult winter period this year:

“Based on existing legislation, pensions as a whole will be unfrozen in 12 years. Everything has been weighed and agreed upon for a long time.”

The minister also assured that the state budget has the necessary funds for this process. He explained that the amount of the pension increase would be deducted from the increase in GDP plus the increase in the consumer price index, and this amount would be halved.

Regarding the minimum wage, Mr. Hadzidakis noted that from January 2023, the procedure for determining a new minimum wage will begin, the purpose of which is to complete the process in the spring. It is planned to bring the minimum wage to 751 euros, and increase the pension by 6%, which will be seen by pensioners who do not have a “personal difference”. It is also planned to abolish the solidarity contribution. Since January 2023, writes cnn.grmost likely, there will be a new reduction in social insurance contributions – by 0.60 percentage points.

Appropriate statements are expected from Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis at ΔΕΘ in early September.

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