Energy saving measures introduced in the EU countries

The Guardian published the austerity measures that the countries of the European Union have introduced to save energy resources.

To reduce spending on electricity and gas, special measures have been introduced in the EU countries:

In Germany turn off fountains, offer only cold showers in municipal gyms and swimming pools, turn off floodlights on public buildings.

In France air-conditioned shops must keep their doors closed at the risk of a hefty fine of 750 euros. Illuminated advertising is prohibited from 1:00 to 6:00, with the exception of airports and railway stations.

In Greece in public buildings, air conditioners must be set to a temperature of at least 27 ° C (in summer). Office staff should ensure that all computers are turned off during non-working hours.

thermostats in Irish households must maintain the allowed temperature: up to 20°C in living quarters and from 15°C to 18°C ​​in corridors and bedrooms.

In public buildings Italywith the exception of hospitals, it is instructed not to allow air conditioners to operate at temperatures below 19°C in summer and above 27°C in winter.

Prime Minister Spain Pedro Sanchez refused … a tie and called everyone, as he writes El Economistfollow suit to save energy on air conditioning:

“I don’t wear a tie, which means we can all save energy, and I have asked all ministers and all government officials and the private sector, to the extent possible, that when they don’t need to, they don’t use a tie, and thus we shall all be saved.”

However, users on social networks did not appreciate the noble impulse of the prime minister:

“We have to bike to work to save energy, and Pedro Sanchez rides in [самолете] Falcón even for bread, but he goes without a tie.”

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