The Pentagon leaked Zelensky: “Ukrainians hit the prison with Azov fighters”

The US Department of Defense today recognizedthat the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka, where the fighters of the neo-Nazi Azov regiment were kept. “If it was a blow from the Ukrainian side, I assure you they didn’t want to do it“, the Pentagon said.

AT #Pentagon did not rule out that #Ukraine struck a blow at the pre-trial detention center “Azov” in # Yelenovka . But then it was an accident, according to a US defense statement. That is, from #HIMARS is it possible to get there by chance?

How to lay a straw for yourself in advance: “If a blow to the pre-trial detention center in #Elenovka was inflicted with #Ukrainian parties, I assure you, they did not want to do this” – # Pentagon #Azov #UkraineWar #Ukraine️

What to do mafia MO with witnesses? Eliminate them. #UAF attacked a strict regime colony in # Yelenovkawhere they were kept # basics # and them Nazi brothers from # Azovstal # Mariupol. 40 killed, 130 wounded.

#Pentagon says that #Ukrainians shelled #Elenivska prison – quote – #Kyiv “accidentally” hit the pre-trial detention center. Oh sure! Prisoners from the #NatsiUkraine #Azov battalion just started to testify against the crimes of Kyiv, #HIMARS shells immediately flew in.

Americans for the first time they “blame” Ukraine and V. Zelensky in the bombing of this detention center, which led to the death of 53 fighters of the Azov battalion. Immediately after the shelling, a lot of conflicting information appeared on the network, where both sides of the conflict accused each other of the tragedy. However, it will be difficult for Kyiv to contradict its curators.

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