On the beaches of the Adriatic, you can only sunbathe – swimming in the sea is prohibited

E. coli was found in the Adriatic, which was an unpleasant surprise for tourists and local residents.

On the beaches in the Emilia-Romagna region (Italy), alarming red flags flutter, warning of danger. Vacationers are only allowed to sunbathe or take a boat trip – swimming is strictly prohibited. The culprit was E. coli, the concentration of which in water samples exceeded the permissible levels at 28 out of 100 beaches. If ingested, it can cause inflammation of the genitourinary system and gastroenteritis.

The regional environmental protection agency believes that the increase in the concentration of E. coli in the Adriatic Sea may be caused by extreme heat and high water temperatures.

In May of this year, as our publication reported, another scandal over food quality erupted after a complaint filed in France: because of the use of Buitoni pizza, there was coli bacteria poisoning. And this is against the background of 150 salmonella infections after Kinder, identified in nine EU member states a few weeks before! In less than twenty years, the number of inspectors has fallen in Spain by 7%, in Belgium by 10% and in France by a record 30%. And this does not seem to go unnoticed – for several years the European Parliament has been calling for a law to strengthen these services.

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