Jack Fenton: Two Obstacles to Helicopter Tragedy Investigation

An investigation into the helicopter incident that killed 22-year-old British citizen Jack Fenton is ongoing. At the same time, there are two main obstacles that hinder the work of the Greek authorities.

Investigation of events leading to dismemberment and death Jack Fenton at the Spata heliport in East Athens on 25 July, to no avail. According to the information, the work of the authorities is hampered by two obstacles.

There’s no evidence from the security cameras that were on the helipad. This is because they are only used to monitor the area to protect the privacy of VIP passengers.

Three friends of the victim, eyewitnesses of the tragedy, refuse contact the Greek authorities, although they often communicate with the British media, the newspaper said ethnos.gr. They also refused to take an alcohol test in the early hours of the incident, according to state broadcaster ERT.

Greek authorities are aggressively seeking evidence of what happened that Monday afternoon, when Jack Fenton was hit by the rear rotor of a private helicopter.

Speaking to Star TV, Air Accident Investigation Committee Chairman Ioannis Kondylis said Fentos’ friends did not return his repeated calls.

“I contacted them twice, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the phone is off, only voicemail is possible. I left messages saying who I was, expressing condolences and asking to be contacted. Nothing like this has ever happened before,” Kondilis said.

He called “nonsense” scenarios in which the victim returned to the helicopter to take a selfie, or that he left it in the cabin and went after it. “This is nonsense. Because who can confirm what he went to do? I don’t know what he was going to do in the helicopter,” he said. “How is this confirmed (ss: for mobile phone)? Did the dead man say that? Is that what his friends said? I have no such evidence. That’s what they say in England,” he added.

It is expected that the testimony of the pilot, who was an eyewitness to the accident, will shed more light on the case. The pilot saw Jack Fenton heading towards the helicopter and reportedly tried to warn him, yelling “Where you’re going, stop, don’t go there!”.

This particular witness can describe the events leading up to the tragic death. However, Greek authorities are investigating reports that the people who were on board the helicopter with 22-year-old Jack Fenton after the accident avoided the cops.

An essential point is the lack of results of the toxicological examination, which is being delayed. As the experience of previous high-profile cases, in particular the death of Zach Kostopoulos, shows, the results can be expected within 40-50 days. Especially if required resultsand the experts do not agree to rigging the results.

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