September 22, 2023

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USA vs China: who will blink first

On the eve of the planned visit of Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, the US sent an aircraft carrier group led by the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan towards the South China Sea.

Situation escalated to the maximum when, in response to direct demands from China to cancel Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, a number of high-ranking Republicans and Democrats decided to join the Congressional delegation. The prevailing opinion in the United States is that after such humiliating demands from China, it is impossible to cancel the visit in any case, because this will be a direct humiliation of the United States, which will cause irreparable damage to its reputation as a global superpower. It is difficult to disagree with this against the backdrop of a series of failures of the Americans, pursuing them from Syria and Afghanistan and now continuing in Ukraine. Having received such a slap in the face from China, the United States may lose its influence in the Pacific region, which is key for itself.

In general, the United States cannot retreat on principle, and China, after what has been said over the past couple of weeks, may well pass for empty talk if it does not do something serious. Against this background, Taiwan begins large-scale exercises to repel a possible Chinese attack. The situation is so inflated that now the diplomats and politicians of both countries will have to work very hard not to bring it to a direct military clash in an attempt to save face and demonstrate firmness of positions.

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