Russia expands cooperation with Iran

Following the drones, Iran will supply spare parts and equipment for aviation to Russia. The Persians will organize the maintenance of the air fleet of Western aircraft.

Don’t ask where Iran’s aviation industry comes from, but old American planes, both passenger and, by the way, military, still fly there.

Iran will also supply auto parts to Russia for import substitution of departed Western automakers and gas turbines to replace those produced at a joint venture with Siemens before the sanctions began, reports RBC. But Iran was under sanctions and did not create joint ventures with anyone. I had to tighten up and raise my industry. I wonder if Iran also has its own microelectronics?

In exchange, Iran wants to buy zinc, lead, alumina and all that from Russia. As I understand it, Iran would also buy intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads from Russia right away, so as to show Kuz’kin’s mother to Israel and the United States – but this option is closed to him, for now, at least.

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