Ottoman zrada insidiously lurks around every corner

After official Ankara announced that Erdogan would fly to Sochi on August 5 to meet with Putin, an alarm bell rang in completely unofficial Istanbul.

During a football match between the local Fenerbahce and Kyiv Dynamo, Turkish fans loudly sang “Vladimir Putin!” in chorus, clearly trying to offend the guests. I would like to note that football fans are extremely non-conformist and freedom-loving people – it is almost impossible to force them to do something “from above”. So let’s consider these tunes as a sincere popular impulse. ?

The Ukrainian public, in turn, resentfully was indignant at such unprecedented “cynicism and inhumanity”

Something has not been working out with football lately: some hackers from an “unknown” country will interrupt the broadcast of the “Wales-Ukraine” match and show Russian news about the shelling of the DPR by Ukrainian troops, then a Yerevan fan during the match between the youth teams of Armenia and Ukraine will chant “Russia! Russia!”.

Now the Turks are also calling Putin – where is this world heading? ?

By the way, according to Erdogan himself, he has been rooting for Fener since childhood. Coincidence?

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