How Ben Salman was honored in Athens: food and furniture change at Four Seasons

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, during his official visit to Athens, was placed in the royal apartments, inaccessible to “mere mortals”, in the most expensive hotel.

The prince left, but the petrodollars remained with sources involved in organizing the expensive mission, who reported iefimeridathat the cost of a two-day stay of the prince and his entourage in Athens is estimated at “several million euros.”

Changed furniture, connected suites
At the Four Seasons hotel in Vouliagmeni, staff have been on high alert for several days due to the visit of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. The entire Arion complex, that is, all 100 rooms, of which 20 are suites, was closed to the VIP and his entourage.

The brigades worked day and night until the arrival of a high-ranking guest. Even the furniture was asked to be changed. Also among the requests was – to connect some suites, so that next to him were his entourage, responsible for his wardrobe, shoes and personal belongings, which were transported to Greece in 180 suitcases.

One of the rooms has been turned into a hospital.

For security reasons, bulletproof windows with special shielding were also installed in the royal suite. Together with the prince, personal belongings also arrived in Athens: dishes, cutlery, glasses, towels and even bed linen, so that the distinguished guest would not use anything from the hotel. And one of Arion’s rooms has been turned into a hospital.

They even brought food with them.

There was even… food in the luggage of the royal mission. After all, 20 people monitor his nutrition, from cooks to nutritionists and tasters, since he does not want to eat in hotels and restaurants. The cost of the trip for the Arab mission, which consisted of 700 people who arrived in Athens on seven planes, was inflated not only due to unusual requirements, but also due to accommodation in luxurious hotels along the Athens Riviera: from Vouliagmeni to Lagonisi.

The Prince met with his partners and businessmen at the Four Seasons, with journalists at the Divani Apollon in Kavouri, and with ministers and other officials at the Grand Resort in Lagonisi. In previous days, 350 limousines from Bulgaria and Germany arrived in Athens, turning the beach into Manhattan’s 5th Avenue, driving the cost of the Arab mission’s visit to unimaginable heights.

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