Giulia Alexandratu is furious about the comments she is getting about her pregnancy

After the announcement of her pregnancy, the famous Greek porn actress Giulia Alexandratou received a lot of negative comments. However, now she is going through one of the happiest periods in her life and tries not to focus on criticizing the world around her.

The model has chosen to stay out of the spotlight in recent years and doesn’t share news about herself other than with her online social media friends. A few days ago, she announced her pregnancy via her personal Instagram account, posting a photo of herself lying on a bed and stroking her belly. In the picture, she wrote: “Booting baby.”

In a new message, Giulia Alexandratou has lashed out at everyone who has ever spoken negatively about her, disrespecting her pregnancy and the child she is expecting. “You will get sick from the cholera that you spew out of yourself. You should see a doctor and cleanse your soul. Animals. Rubbish,” she wrote in an insta story.


She then posted another photo in her story showing her baby’s ultrasound. Over the picture, she wrote: “My baby.”

GIULIA ALEXANDRATOU is a pornographic actress, model, socialite, who gained wide popularity in Greece and beyond in the past decade, thanks to numerous scandals.

Giulia Alexandratou was born in 1986 in Greece (Greece). Her real name is Garifallia (Garyfallia ‘Julia’ Alexandratou). She grew up with her older sister. It is known that the mother, a former model, from childhood taught her daughters to take care of herself, instilled in them a taste in clothes, and Julia began acting for advertising from early childhood.

From the age of seven, she began taking ballet lessons, and from adolescence, she began to take part in beauty contests. They said about the young model and beauty that she had great potential. At the age of 16, Julia won her first beauty pageant – Miss Young.

It is also known that, for family reasons, Julia lived with her mother for several years in London, and therefore speaks excellent English.

In 2006, Alexandratou was unable to win the Miss Star Hellas beauty pageant, but very soon fans saw the beautiful Julie live on the Greek reality show ‘Fame Story 4’.

Soon she began to appear more often on television, in programs like ‘Megalicious Chart Live!’ and ‘Music Bee’, as well as acting in films. In 2008, Julia in the image of Marilyn Monroe appeared on the cover of the magazine ‘Nitro’, and in the fall of the same year she began to sing in Athens clubs.

The Greek public fell in love with the bright, albeit somewhat cheeky Julia – she shone with a rough charm, had the habits of a real star and, in general, behaved like a queen on any stage.

The scandal erupted in March 2010, when a pornographic DVD began to be distributed in Greece, where Giulia Alexandratou acted as an actress. Julia’s unknown partner, whose face remains in the shadows all the time, is presumably Ian Scott, a fairly well-known actor in his genre. The film sold in Greece at an alarming rate, and soon Julia had to go on television with an explanation. So, she admitted that she really plays in the film, but the video was filmed exclusively for private purposes. According to Julia, an unknown actor, whose name she chose not to disclose, deliberately ‘leaked’ the video to the general public in order to harm her, Julia.

It is not known whether the Greek public bought into such explanations, but Julia still received airtime on national television, appeared with brilliance at glamorous parties and social events.

In February 2011, another porn movie with Julia began to be sold, it was called ‘Julia 2 Mavri’, and its very name already suggested that this was a sequel. According to the plot, a naked Alexandratu walks the streets in search of love, which, of course, she finds without difficulty. By the way, this film is marked by very hard sex scenes.

This time the scandal was not noisy, and Julia did not make any statements – everything was extremely clear and unambiguous.

Giulia Alexandratu, who has lost weight, advertises her page on OnlyFans

Today in Julia’s filmography there are at least three films for adults. In addition, she has already released four music singles, five music videos and at different times starred for the magazines ‘Nitro’, ‘Miss Diva’, ‘Miss Lux’, ‘Esquire’, ‘Playboy’, ‘Hello!’ and ‘Vogue’.

Greek porn star Giulia Alexandrati, gathered in parliament

In 2012, Giulia Alexandratu announced the creation of her own political movement and the beginning political career. Apparently, she decided to take her Italian colleague Anna Ilona Staller, better known by her stage name Cicciolina, as an example. An Italian-Hungarian porn star and politician, and the first hardcore star, became a member of parliament, winning elections in 1971.

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