Traveling with your pet: a quick guide to avoiding the unexpected

Pets are family members, so it makes sense to take them with you on vacation. However, before you travel with your dog or cat, here are some tips to help keep your pet safe and comfortable.

Preparing for a vacation is always sad when you know you have to leave your beloved dog or cat at home. So why not take them with you? While traveling with a pet may require a little more planning and a few extra worries, the bonus is that you never have to leave your pet. Just follow these tips to avoid surprises while traveling with your furry friend.

1. Talk to your veterinarian before you start planning your trip

“Doctor Aibolit” is an expert on the health of a dog or cat, so it is recommended to consult with him before you start planning your trip. If your veterinarian anticipates health problems for your pet, he may recommend hiring a sitter or leaving him in a facility while you are away rather than taking him with you. Depending on the destination, even a healthy pet may require additional vaccinations or a health certificate before departure.

2. Choose your trip type wisely

You know your pet better than anyone else, so it’s up to you to decide what type of travel best suits their temperament. Will a pet enjoy a trip to a forest camping or will he be able to transfer an airplane flight to the other side of the world? Please take this into account before making a decision.

3. Make sure it’s comfortable to carry

If you are traveling by car or train, your pet may feel comfortable sitting on your lap or on a soft blanket. However if you plan to travel by air, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of the airline you will be flying with. While some airlines allow small dogs and cats to be carried in the cabin in a soft carrier, some pets must be carried in the luggage compartment. Be sure to check the specific rules and regulations regarding the size and weight of the animal, as well as items needed to transport a pet.

4. Make time for the toilet and play breaks

If you are traveling by car, try your best stop more often so your pet can urinate. It will be useful for dogs to stretch their legs and run a few circles. If you are traveling by air, follow the toileting and feeding instructions you received before checking your pet in for the flight.

5. Don’t forget to pack a bag for your pet

When you travel with your pet, you need to pack a special bag just for him. Here are some things to pack if you’re planning to bring your dog (or cat) on vacation:

  • Leash and Collar
  • Dishes for food and water
  • Treats (to reward)
  • Feed supply
  • Garbage bags (hygiene bags to clean up after your pet)
  • His/her favorite toys
  • Any medications your pet is taking
  • Brush and care products
  • Bed (bed) and blanket.

6. Make sure the pet has proper identification

While a pet should always have some form of identification, this is especially important when you are on the road. A frightened or disoriented animal is much more likely to panic, break out of the hands and run away, get lost. And on busy roads or at airports, the unthinkable can happen. The dog or cat must be implanted with a chip with updated information. When traveling, make sure your pet has a collar and a tag with your mobile phone number in case it gets lost.

7. Choose your accommodation wisely

While the world is yours when you are alone, accommodation options are limited when traveling with pets. Not every hotel or rented room allows dogs and catsso be sure to ask the following questions before booking:

  • Will there be an extra charge for pets?
  • Are all breeds of dogs allowed in the hotel?
  • Do they charge a refundable cleaning deposit?
  • Can pets stay in the room alone?

While you need to spend a little more time planning your pet trip, traveling with a pet can be the most rewarding, great experience, and the most relaxing experience knowing that your best friend is well taken care of (or is with you). We wish you a pleasant time!

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