How many migrants are in Greece

Ministry of Immigration: The number of migrants living on the islands has decreased by 67% compared to 2021.

There is a significant decrease in the total number of inhabitants of the islands in June 2022 compared to June 2021. Reportedly, 0.95% of the population are refugees living on the islands of the eastern Aegean, while in the corresponding month of 2021 their percentage was 3, 57%. In more detail, the total number of migrants on the islands (as of June 2022) is 2,500 people. Of these, 2201 (88%) live in Κ.Υ.Τ., 7 in other structures, the remaining 292 (12%) live: 109 in the police camp ΠΡΟΚΕΚΑ ΕΛΑΣ and 183 in EKKA structures.

The total number of migrants on the islands in June 2022 shows a decrease of 67% compared to June 2021. The largest reduction was recorded among residents of Lesbos (about 74%), Chios 68%, Samos 64%, Kos 41% and Leros 28%.

There was a decrease in the total number of migrants living on the islands in June 2022 compared to June 2021, which is 67%. The number of migrants living on the islands in June 2022 is 2,500 asylum seekers, while in May 2022 there were 2,062 people, and in June 2021 – 7,602 people.

According to the June newsletter, the flow of refugees recorded in the first half of 2022 increased by 28% on the islands and by 23% overall compared to the first quarter of 2021.

After systematic efforts, in June 2022, through the mechanisms of expulsion (extradition), return and resettlement of third-country nationals to Europe or third countries, 604 people left Greece, and 1129 people arrived.

The total number of migrants in June 2022 is 20,557, of which 12% are residents of Κ.Υ.Τ, 40% are participants in the ΕΣΤΙΑ program and 48% are residents of other structures.

Migrants living on the islands in June 2022 account for 11% of all persons belonging to this category and located in Greece. The number of migrants on the mainland is 89%. The corresponding percentage in June 2021 was 15% for the islands and 85% for the Greek mainland.

The percentage of pre-registrations of migrants and refugees on the islands in June 2022 is 30% of the total, and on the Greek mainland – 70% of the total. The percentage of asylum applications is 21% of the total in the islands and 79% of the total in the mainland.

Asylum applications (type A) in June 2022 increased by 12% compared to May 2022, and pre-registrations increased by 10%.

For June 2022, the following data are available: 24.6% are positive decisions, 24.2% are negative and 51.2% are actions to interrupt the consideration of the issuance of a residence permit.

Pending pre-registrations decreased by 77%, type A pending decreased by 61%, while level B pending increased by 26% (-59% overall reduction), while the pending service process continues. Compared to June 2022 to May 2022, the overall reduction in work in progress is 16%.

Comparing the number of claims (3,889) filed in Q2 2022 with the number of claims (4,413) filed in Q1 2022 shows a decrease of 12%. Comparing the number of claims in Q2 2022 with the number of claims (4,289) filed in Q2 2021 shows a 9% decrease in claims.

The total number of residence permits for third-country nationals valid as of June 2022 is 470,331, a decrease of 29% compared to June 2021 and a reduction of 26% compared to May 2022.

The top three countries of origin of third-country nationals with valid residence permits are Albania with 61.3%, China with 4.8% and Georgia with 4.2%.

The total number of permanent residence permits for golden visa investors (initial and renewed) valid in June 2022 is 10,262. 9,075 (88% rate) are for initial grants and 1,187 (12% rate) are for renewals. The main country of origin of investors in our country are Chinese citizens at a rate of 65.6%, followed by citizens of Turkey (6.5%) and Russia (4.7%).

The monthly newsletter of the Department of Immigration and Asylum regularly includes special references to Ukrainian displaced persons.

In June 2022, we had 15,137 arrivals from Ukraine, of which 25% were minors, 23% were from the 18-34 age group, and 52% were over 35. Thus, in Greece there were 3,763 arrivals of minors (25%) and 11,374 arrivals of adults (75%), the total number of arrivals from air borders was 3,381 (22%), and from land borders 11,756 (78%). In general, the arrival of displaced Ukrainians in June increased by 74% compared to May.

From the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine to 06/30/2022? 47,726 Ukrainians (25% minors) arrived in Greece. In total, until 06/30/2022, 18,045 online applications were submitted and 16,752 permits for temporary protection were issued, of which 70% were women and 30% were men. Also, 27% of temporary protection permits are issued to minors under the age of 13, 6% – to minors from 13 to 18 years old (i.e. 18-34 years old, 35% in the age group of 35-64 years old and, finally, 9% of licenses concern adults over 65 years old.

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