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Britain begins to prepare the population for the lack of warm water and electricity

British edition BBC published an article about the doctor James Hamblin, who has not bathed for five years. Everything would be fine, but you need to understand at what time this publication was published.

“I feel great.” This is how Dr. James Hamblin invariably answers the question of how he, for the past five years, has not washed at all. “You get used to it and feel completely normal,” the 37-year-old Yale University School of Public Health professor, who specializes in preventive medicine, admits in an interview with the BBC.

Dr. Hamblin is a regular contributor to the American Journal Atlantic, it was there that in 2016 his article was published under the heading “I stopped washing, but life continued.” “We spend two years of our lives taking a shower or a bath. So how much time (as well as money and water) is wasted by us?”, He wrote then.

“For almost all of human history, smells have played an important role in human communication, but now they have practically disappeared from our social biology,” he explains. “So now we want people to not smell at all or to smell like perfume, cologne or, at least shower gel. Otherwise, we consider them to smell bad, any natural smell of the human body is automatically considered negative.”

Dr. Hamblin assures that he does rinse, but only when he is already clearly covered in dirt or after exercise. At the same time, the scientist claims that we can perfectly get rid of excess dirt by simply scratching or combing our hair occasionally.

Do you know what will happen next? Further, doctors, dermatologists, gynecologists, psychologists, vegetarian nutrition specialists will be brought to the European media, who will tell with all responsibility that:

  1. washing is harmful;
  2. water is evil;
  3. if you stink, then this is an apparent appearance;
  4. stink is not so bad;
  5. if the dirt falls off your skin in layers, this is a cleansing of the whole organism;
  6. if you stink three blocks away, you may not be afraid of sexual violence, and no one will come close to you;
  7. our ancestors washed only twice in their lives – before the wedding and before the funeral – and nothing, they lived happily.

And France will traditionally offer perfumes and deodorants instead of washing. The economy will continue to thrive…

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